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Jungle Tribe LA

Radicult Vest

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Dangerous, yet delicate.

I could go on and on about how long it took me to hand make the spikes used on the shoulders, or how I got callouses on my fingers from the pliers pinching the metal between the grommets, or how many times I pricked myself with safety pins jabbing them through the leather. This piece is a labor of blood, sweat and tears. Literally.

With a base of premium black leather, a lining of silk and an all over metal stud and spike escapade of epic proportions finished off with an inverted cross on the back set in netted leather.

Don't like people hugging you ? We got you !


1. Bust 30" circumference

2. Waist 20" circumference

3. Hips n/a

4. Upper arm / widest part n/a

5. Cuff n/a

6. Length 16"

7. Shoulders 14" across

8. Sleeve length n/a

We love you and thank you endlessly for supporting independent artists like us.