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Jungle Tribe LA

Punisher Biker Vest in distressed leather

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If you want something that looks like this, let us know. We can make something that is kind of similar to this with about 3-4 weeks time.

A Classic biker vest is something that I had always dreamed of...When I was a kid I remember saving up my money from my paper route so that I could buy issues of 'Indian magazine', a magazine featuring vintage Indian motorcycles. I thought those old Indian motorcycles were so rad, with their antique worn out springer leather seats, the sexy lines of the frame brought out by the engine and tank and those badass over-exaggerated fender flares. I'll never forget the one pin-up centerfold shot of a chick posing in front of an old Indian motorcycle wearing high heels and cut off jean shorts and an old distressed leather jacket. I loved the distressed look of that leather jacket so much. Fast forward a few years, I delivered a shit ton of newspapers, sold a bunch of bootleg t-shirts to buddies and slanged a bunch of Shave Ice until I FINALLY had enough money to buy my own distressed leather jacket. By the time I got my first motorcycle, I had already been wearing it for years, so it was already broken in. You may think that I was rambling all of this time and if you are still with me, here is why I told you all of this. You don't need to ride a motorcycle to own this jacket. And you also don't have to wear it for years so that it will look good. This vest looks great already, it is ready to rock.

On the shoulders you will see some spikes. In order to make these spikes, I took a used bullet I found in antique shop and cast it, and the then cut it down to a few different sizes.