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Jungle Tribe LA

Personalized Custom Graffiti Sling Bag Fanny Pack

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Personalized Custom Graffiti Sling Bag Fanny Pack You asked : we listened. Now we are offering you a chance to get a PERSONALIZED JT bag ! Don't believe the hype, you CAN get a bad a** custom bag without breaking the bank! LETS CREATE THIS MASTERPIECE - SHALL WE ?! Perhaps you want names on there ? How about the city you hail from ? Cats ? Butterflies ? Skulls ? Anarchy symbol ? Even your fave word or phase ? This also makes a truly special and one of a kind gift to that certain someone you know who you just have no idea what to gift them. Y HOW IT WORKS : When you choose : 25% paint you can choose one word/symbol 50% paint you get two words/symbols 75% paint you get three words/symbols and with 100% you get four words/symbols You are welcome to choose up to 4 patches and up to 100% graffiti. We'll be in touch about personalization - so be ready to answer our questions ! As for patches, we will let you know what we have available at the time, or you can just give us free reign. Bags are painted in our style or mood at the time, but we may ask for guidance if we aren't clear on the aesthetic. We are free to get creative as we want, so be prepared ! THIS IS YOUR ONE OF A KIND ART PIECE ! DISCLAIMER : We will NOT take any orders that involve any hate speech or verbiage that promotes harm, but we will entertain curse words used in a fun, creative and pop culture sense. * THE BAG FEATURED IN THIS PHOTO IS CONSIDERED TO BE 100% PAINTED WITH THREE PATCHES * IF YOU WOULD LIKE THIS SPECIFIC BAG, IT IS AVAILABLE ( we made it for the photo shoot, and it is in our studio currently, but please ask, as it may be sent out to a video shoot soon ) Featuring 2 front zipper pockets with a small internal pocket. Including the strap, this pack can be elongated to 50" safely with its adjustable hardware and extra leather security loops. You can wear it over the shoulder as a cross body bag, or high waisted. If you are feeling old school, you can also rock it as fanny pack, the choice is up to you. The usable space for the bag measures 12" x 6.5, with an open pocket inside, including a double silver zipper along the top, and a second outer pocket - both zippers outlined in white leather. WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS ON THIS BAG OR ANY PERSONALIZED ITEM ! Check out the rest of the Jungle Tribe collection for bad ass gear to help you navigate your next urban jungle adventure or festival outing. We’ve got the goods on punk, rocker, goth, biker, steampunk , cosplay and Mad Max apocalyptic inspired accessories. Whether it’s a handbag, a harness , lingerie, leather gloves or jewelry, let Jungle Tribe be your one stop shop for uncommonly incredible statement pieces. Everything here is designed and produced out of pure passion. Many thanks to you for supporting Jungle Tribe and independent artists!