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Jungle Tribe LA

DreamWeaver Cowl

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This spiky, studded, hand painted, zipper front, shoulder piece fits over the chest and provides ample distraction from anything that is not you, the wearer. By using the JungleTribe Element Shield Mask as a base and fusing it with our own twist, this Dream weaver is a cross pollination between vaporwave, (cyber)punk, anime, miami vice, and Saturday morning cartoons on an accidental micro-dose.

The story starts off with our 80s acid wash inspired blue leather base, then delicately lined with soft silk satin. Then to turn it into this kitschy wonderland, we threw on a bunch of loud hand painted patches and straps, a bold embroidered flamingo, hand casted brass spikes, a slanted cross zip front, and Swarovski crystal stud adornments. Truly a cordial attire for the next Amazonian dinner party, or just your local high school reunion. There’s never a wrong time to pull up looking like a cyber-punk kamikaze space princess, because a cyber-punk kamikaze space princess, is naturally never wrong. Don’t take the flamingo patch or fluffy Dino and teddy plushy lightly, she means business.