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Jungle Tribe LA

CRWD CTRL Hand Painted Leather Stage Vest

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Taking the look of a bullet proof vests and the function of asian motorcycle riding gear, we cross pollinated the two styles and rolled them into this blinged out hyphy remix. The sleeveless design is intended for doing hood rat things with your friends, like rolling up in a music video or throwing down on stage.

It's powered by pure Serpent Energy and Studded Swarovski Crystals that we 'set our intentions to'. Ya you got that right, we set intentions on to the 23 Swarovski crystals before we melded them to the studs that line the front of the vest. If you have to ask why there are 23 of them, then, maybe this isn't the right piece for you. We didn't want to hold back on bling or hyph, so we used a glimmering sequin skull patch, flaming hand-painted cobras, flaming skull and eyeballs, glittered floral patches, pink army patches, dragons, tigers and diamonds. This vest literally screams for attention (in an intentional, loving the universe kind of way

)Each Dust and Beau vest comes complete with a custom hanger and a fabric garment sleeve made for safe keeping, not to mention style. You can't just hang up a piece of art in your closet on just any old hanger.  Adjustable straps male it suitable for Mens sizes M/L/XL